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Founded in 2008, we've organically grown our business through referrals and local advertising. We stride to provide the most extreme and competitive services today. Follow the next slides to learn more!

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DJanotomus.COM provides Entertainment As A Service (EAAS). Primarily we build, design and deliver solutions needed for fixed and mobile Entertainment Applications such as Clubs, Concerts, Lounges and even private events such as block parties and weddings.


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Optimist Prime Night



Chicago Air & Water Show




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Chicago Boat Scene Party


Stoned Age


SandStorm Beach Party



DOOMSDAY Firework Display


Below you can find information about DJanotomus.COM Featured Artists, DJs and Vendors from previous events and or are part of upcoming events. Without our DJs, we have no music. Without music, we have no events. Without events we cannot bring together all the good people and vibes!

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DJ Emily

Making her debut in 1999, Emily began her journey as a DJ in the underground Chicago house scene playing events, raves, clubs, and house parties. Prior to DJing, Emily was brought up in a very musically influenced home and took up many musical instruments over the course of her youth, including piano, clarinet, guitar, and bass. When she discovered her purpose as a DJ, it all came together. She got into the scene around 1997 and immediately fell in love with the music and the vibe. Emily joined forces with the 219 Collective out of Northwest Indiana in 2000 and has since then grown a following and hosted dozens of local events to provide a taste of Chicago just outside of Chicago. When Emily isn’t mixing, she enjoys exercising, as well as doing activities and spending time with her 2 young daughters, who have already grown quite an interest in scratching on the records themselves. There's only one other thing this girl loves more than dancing to a great house set, and that's dropping those jackin’ tracks to get the dance floor moving and grooving. More passionate than ever about house music, she plans to start producing her own music in the near future. Inspired by mainly jackin’ and tech house, she has a very fine-tuned sound selection and a particular ear for the cuts. Her smooth style of blending keeps the energy elevated to get you up and on your feet at the drop of the bass.

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DJ Emily

DJ HEX3D formally known as Jake Wo grew up in Chicago IL. Growing up HEX3D always had a deep connection to music. With the likes of listening to artists such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Twista and Eminem, Jake's passion led him to become a lyricist at the young age of 17 years old. As he continued to create, travel and discover the young artist is now located in Northwest Indiana where he found himself DJing and making a name for himself in the expanding musical community. Jake throws down Heavy Riddim and Trap as well as Deep House Music. HEX3D is a bass head, fellow head banger as well as a resident DJ at The District Bar and Grill. He has played multiple Underground Chicago parties. When asked what does DJing mean to you? He answered... “It’s just something special to me when you see everyone happy and dancing it’s like all the care and weight of life is eased off their shoulders and they are in what seems like a hex which is also what gave me my DJ name HEX3D“

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Fluxkapacitor is a DJ partnered with Indagruv Records out of Cincinnati OH and producer based out of Indianapolis IN. He began DJing in 2005 and started producing 2013. His favorite genre is House however also loves Bass and Psychedelic. Fluxkapacitor plays on CDJs, Turntables, Controllers and has played at several festivals in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, across the Midwest and more.

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DJ Anotomus

Douglas Johnson Jr. (Chicago Illinois) known professionally as “DJanotomus” started his musical journey in 2008 with a hand-me-down belt driven turntable, reel-to-reel tape recorder, a single microphone and a room full of re-purposed audio components; DJanotomus.COM was born. Intentionally spelled “Anotomus” (combination of Anonymous and Autonomous) represents Self-Controlled and Decentralized Entertainment. Genres observed in performance lineups include but are not limited to EDM, Dubstep, House and Drum & Bass. Over a decade of persistence later DJanotomus.COM continues to prosper amongst the Midwest with a strong presence of well-known DJs, Audio/Video infrastructure and unique events.


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